ResMed ReSupply system requirements

Recommended browsers

ResMed ReSupply has been built for and tested on the following. All ResMed ReSupply features are fully supported.

  • Internet Explorer 11 (and higher)
  • Firefox 31 (and higher)
  • Chrome 12 (and higher)

Unsupported browsers

ResMed ReSupply is designed to support the recommended browsers and does not include the following:

  • Internet Explorer 9 (and earlier)
  • Firefox 30 (and earlier)
  • Chrome 11 (and earlier)
  • Safari (all versions)
  • Safari on Windows
  • Opera (all versions)

Additional software

While not required, the following programs (or an alternative) are necessary to download the template, view exported data and reports from ResMed ReSupply.

  • Microsoft Excel 2007 (or higher)